Five Artists Who Inspire Me

Everyone has inspiration, be it in the visual arts, performing arts, or even other fields. Here are some people who inspire me.

J C Leyendecker 


Leyendecker illustrated during the “golden age” of illustration and is a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York city. Most people know his work, even if they don’t know his name.

His use of color, the way he handled painting, and his compositions are all spot-on. I look up to his compositions, and the fact that up-close his paintings are loose, but viewed either small or from a distance, he achieves a clean, realistic look.

I’ve had the honor of seeing his work at the Society in New York. Worth the trip.


Alphonse Mucha



The quintessential artist of the Art Nouveau era, although at the time he wasn’t nearly as popular as he is today.


Like the Nouveau style of working, Mucha used organic shapes to form his compositions. What’s fascinating about his style is the organic shapes next to the abstract shapes, and how they flow together so well.



tumblr_m50p550Wun1qhttpto3_1280Jillian Tamaki

Tamaki is a currently-active artist with an expansive skill set.

She has a graphic style to her illustrations, and she works in both digital and traditional media. I find her limited color-palate illustrations very inspiring, especially ones that use ink and splashes of watercolor.



Roberto Ferri


A contemporary artist who works in the style of old masters, Ferri’s skillset with oil painting is undeniable.

Ferri’s art has the weight and feel of a Renaissance-era painter, while often paired with modern imagery and thought. His mastery of light is undeniable.



James Gurney


If you’re familiar with Dinotopia, then you’re familiar with James Gurney’s art. He is the creator and artist of the series.

This man’s love and passion for art has no boundaries. He’s a master of color, light, and composition. He’s written books on the subjects, and he uses all the techniques he suggests to other artists.



This is just a small sample of artists I admire. Do you have any people you admire? What about their work do you find inspiring?

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