What’s Your Passion?

So I’ve been thinking lately about passion and drive to create. Everyone has that little bit of something that pushes them to create. Visual artists have it, performing artists have it, and even non-fine art fields have it! My husband is a computer programmer and he has passions that drive him to work on projects inside and outside computer coding.

That passion, that little umph, makes us unique. But coming to a full understanding of what that is, isn’t always easy, huh? Life, other opinions, and misunderstanding of self often clouds our ability to hear our individual voices. For me, that’s a journey I’ve been on for years, and a path that I’ve struggled through for a very long time. When I was younger, I was carefree like all of us were creatively. Unafraid to try new things, to incorporate whatever I was obsessed with at that time. Yu-Gi-Oh, Princess Mononoke, Gundam Wing, Phantom of the Opera… whatever it was, it showed in my drawings. And as I drew and drew and drew, I developed my own voice.

Then I became an adult.

From 19 to 23, something happened. I’d lost my voice, lost that spark of passion that drove me to fill a sketchbook a month. I became lethargic in my creativity, and my desire to make anything fell so low that I stopped putting any care into it. The only thing I still cared about was creating work for other people. In my lack of a voice, I desperately wanted to give others their voices. Because I knew what it felt like to be so beaten, so helpless in your own mind, I vowed to be a tool to lift up others and give to them what I had lost.

I found a passion in that. A passion to give to others. I, like so many of us, know and understand how painful, how horrible the world can be. Through my personal work and the work I do for others, I want to show that there’s still goodness and light. I strive to show hope and rest in my artwork, to show that no matter what, we can still dream.

So I ask you, would you come and dream with me?

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