The Journeys Taken

I’m in a place where I’ve exhausted myself.

I’ve run around in circles chasing my tail, trying to make everything work and getting discouraged by it all. Until finally, this week, I reached my breaking point and the sliver of strength I had left vanished. I’ve tried sketching, coming up with new ideas on paper, and it’s all a failure.

But instead of giving up, I’m trying to find new ways to approach things.

My traditional art is currently exhausted, but I decided to try my hand at digital art once again. I’m inexperienced with digital painting. Very much inexperienced. So during this time of exhaustion, I’m changing my focus. I’m going to be utilizing my YouTube more to partially document my growth, and to have a different creative outlet. With YouTube, I’m still struggling to find my (literal) voice, so at the moment it’s all music speed-paints.

Will you join me in my journey to find my voice?




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