My current work in progress is a 5-novella series titled A Tale of Death and Life. Here is a snippet from the first novella, The Ghost


He picked up the broken doll pieces he found the night before and carefully rearranged them. Fixing things was what he was best at, so he couldn’t possibly let these little dolls suffer cracked any longer.

“You know, little ones, I know what it’s like to be broken.” His paintbrush gave the smile back to the doll. “It is quite an unfortunate thing, being cracked. But don’t worry. You’re still very, very pretty. And you have a home here. With me.”

He smiled at that. Yes, they would always have a home with him. He wouldn’t let these poor lost and broken dolls wander aimlessly.

“Not like I have, no.” He placed the doll down on his desk and stood, looking out the window.

He was quite happy to have a quiet evening, after the events from the previous night. That scream he heard was disturbing, and he didn’t want any trouble to visit him.

It seemed so familiar, that scream. It felt… like it was a part of him.

“It cannot be so, I have no reason to fear.”

The Cracked Ghost

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